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From sebb <>
Subject [NET] 2.0 Change to Threadable#thread API
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:31:57 GMT
Clirr reports:

Parameter 1 of 'public
thread([])' has changed its type
to java.util.List

It looks like this may have been an accidental change; it was
committed as part of  r761877 whose log message is:

* Improve handling of invalid messages
* Add TODO for converting recursive flush() to iterative version

AFAICT, the change to Threadable does not fit with the rest of the commit.

I think the change should either be reverted, or the old API should be
reinstated and deprecated, for example using:

    public Threadable thread(Threadable[] messages) {
        return thread(Arrays.asList(messages));

I agree that using a List is better, but the API should not be changed
in a minor release.

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