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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Daemon 1.0.3 based on RC2
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:22:24 GMT
In 16/03/2010, Mladen Turk <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Calling this again due to a typo and
>  removing site and dormant subcomponents from the
>  source distribution.
>  We had 1.0.2 release last month and now 1.0.3 solves
>  few minor bug fixes and adds couple of new features.
>  Some of the old files not having ASL license header
>  were updated, although some machine generated are left intact.
>  Also the site is no longer part of the source distribution
>  as well as unmaintained monisvc sources which will be
>  removed from the SVN completely.
>  The release is available for testing at:

The KEYS file is a bit old, but I assume it won't actually be used.

Also, the source/ directory still has the 1.0.2 version in it, which
confused me a bit.

The source/ dir also has a set of 1.0.3 binaries, however these are
not the same as the identically named files in

Which set of binaries is correct?

Is the code going to be released to Maven? If so, where are the artefacts?

It would be nice if the zip archives used CRLF line endings

Hashes/sigs OK

It's difficult to reconcile the archives with the SVN tag, as the
directory structure is rather different. Is it necessary to use a
different structure? In particular, SVN uses the directory name "nt"
whereas the archives use "windows", which is very confusing.

Also, there's no details of how to build the native code in the archive itself.

>  The SVN tag is:
>  (If voted will be renamed to COMMONS_DAEMON_1_0_3)

>  So here is the vote:
>  [ ] +1
>  [ ] =0
>  [ ] -1


I think the packaging needs to be improved.

Also, cannot release to Maven repo without artefacts to review.

>  Vote is open for 72 hours.
>  Regards
>  --
>  ^TM
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