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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "CommonsResources" by HenriYandell
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2010 17:40:10 GMT
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The "CommonsResources" page has been changed by HenriYandell.
The comment on this change is: Removing my opinion as it's out of date..


  An important part of the books and articles from the community's point of view, is which
versions of the components they cover. Hopefully we can outline these here.
- === Opinion of HenriYandell ===
- As a fervent buyer of technical books, especially open-source ones, I have a lot of opinions
when it comes down to these books. Take the following with a grain of salt, especially as
they are based on memory and personal view:
-  * Christian's book is not solely focused on Commons, but is instead about programming in
general, with Commons as a focused set of examples. This book came out quietly and seems academic
in nature; useful for teaching a class I'd suspect.
-  * Harshad's book was the first out that I would consider a real Commons book. I was one
of the technical reviewers, and so a large pinch of salt should apply here. I think the book
is very good for anyone with little Commons experience, with nice examples and a good wide
coverage of Commons components. 
-  * I'm drooling at the thought of Tim's book. The Commons and Cookbook concepts suit each
other very well and I think this is a possible classic. Very well suited to any fans of the
Perl Cookbook or people with some experience of Commons already I am going to guess (currently
reading this).
-  * My school-German is too weak nowadays to understand Torsten's book. It's niche is quite
clear, though whether a speaker of German and English would prefer it, I don't know.
-  * I've yet to read Will's book from Prentice Hall.
-  * I've never read a SourceBeat book, so have little clue on Jonathan's text. It's been
coming-soon for almost a year now it seems though, which has been dissapointing. The blog
is interesting, and suggests Jonathan will be focusing on a smaller set of components than
I would expect. One advantage of the SourceBeat approach is that we're promised updates to
the text on a subscription model. So when released, it should stay more up to date on versions
of the components than other books.
-  * Vikram's series of articles at were probably the first piece of text on Commons
as a whole to be published. His forthcoming book will join Harshad's as a standard style text
on Commons. I've draft-reviewed this one too, so more salt. The diffentiating factor for me
here is the author's style; Harshad's better suits inexperienced developers, while Vikram
is more efficient. Vikram's is available online at Manning as an e-book, or as individual
chapters instead of in the paper format.
- So in summary:
-  * Christian's: Teachers.
-  * Harshad's: Newbie->Intermediate Java developers.
-  * Tim's: Current users of Commons.
-  * Jonathan's: Subscription model.
-  * Vikram's: Intermediate->Experienced Java developers.
-  * Torsten's: German text.
-  * Will's: <to-come>
- (/End of Opinion)
- ----
  == Third Party Resources  ==

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