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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject [Math] Bicubic interpolation
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 12:18:39 GMT

This is in reference to the second feature request in issue

If I'm not mistaken, this interpolation algorithm requires a regular grid of
The method "interpolate" in interface "MultivariateRealInterpolator" cannot
enforce this as the sample coordinates must be specified independently for
each sample; they are passed in a single variable:
  void interpolate(double[][] samples, double[] values)
e.g. in 2D, samples[i][0] is the x-coordinate,
            samples[i][1] is the y-coordinate,
            values[i] is f(samples[i][0], samples[i][1])

For a grid in 2D, there should be:
  void interpolate(double[] x, double[] y, double[][] values)
i.e. x[i] is the i-th grid x-coordinate
     y[j] is the j-th grid y-coordinate
     both x and y must be sorted in increasing order
     values[i][j] is f(x[i], y[j])

Should we create a "BivariateRealGridInterpolator" interface?


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