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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [compress] New release soon?
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:00:38 GMT
On 2010-02-12, Christian Grobmeier <> wrote:

> Stefan has made several bugfixes - I wonder if we should do a 1.1
> quite soon.

In parallel I'm planning a release of the Compress Antlib now that Ant
1.8.0 is out.  This is supposed to add cpio and ar tasks but to tell the
truth neither format works really well with Commons Compress 1.0 (the
timestamps and Unix permissions are all wrong) so I'd appreciate a new
release soon - and would even withhold the Antlib release for it.

There are still a few JIRA issues and I'm currently looking into
COMPRESS-73 (will kick of a separate mail for this).  COMPRESS-82 sounds
serious as well.

Many of the other issues are scheduled for the 1.1 release but are
unlikely to get done soon - for example ZIP64 or POSIX tar support.  We
should reschedule those - or call the next release 1.0.1 ;-)

I wonder whether we should mark the bigger tasks as things that could be
candidates for projects in the mentoring program.

> I volunteer for preparing the 1.1 release in three weeks, if we think
> its already time.



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