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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] Release process suggestion
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 16:38:30 GMT
sebb wrote:
> release-process.txt currently says:
> 7.  Check out DBCP fully - i.e., trunk, branches, tags.
> 8.  From the top level of the checkout, execute
>     svn cp trunk branches/DBCP_1_3_x_BRANCH
>     svn commit -m "Created 1.3.x compatibility release branch."
>     (where x is the final digit of the new release number)
> <<<<
> This seems like a lot of SVN download traffic, and the amount will
> increase with every new branch or tag added to DBCP.
> Surely one can just create the tag directly in SVN, e.g.
> svn copy -m"Create 1.3.x compatibility release branch." \
> \
> The newly created branch can then be checked out locally.
> Or am I missing something here?
> We could create a script for creating the branch, and probably quite a
> bit of the rest as well.

I use a script for most of the steps. Not everyone uses bash
locally, though, so I did not commit it.

The download traffic is essentially the same when you create the
branch server side or locally, since you still need to download it.
 I personally prefer to do things locally and then commit.
Admittedly, this is just a matter of taste and I am fine with
changing the instructions to use server side copy. One thing missing
from the instructions is that you need to rm any previous branch
created with the same name.

Step 7 obviously only has to be performed once. I personally
maintain full checkouts of all of the commons components that I work
on. I understand that others may think this is excessive; but it is
convenient to have at least all of the release tags checked out, and
as I said, it only has to be done completely once and then updated
incrementally.  If this seems to pig-ish, I guess I could revert to
manually grabbing just the release tags and branches.  Right now, a
full checkout of [math] (the biggest one I have) is 501MB.  DBCP is


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