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From El Tonno <>
Subject Commons BeanUtils: RowSetDynaClass.setUseColumnLabel() useless?
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 21:50:42 GMT

Just a quick question. about Jakarta Commons BeanUtils 1.8.2 (the latest)

I have to slurp a ResultSet into a RowSetDynaClass, but I have to use 
the JDBC column labels instead of the JDBC column names.

It seems that the instance method


is what I want, as its stated purpose is to make a RowSetDynaClass 
instance use the column labels.

However, this instance method is useless. Indeed, the flag saying 
whether column labels are used is useful at initalization time only,
when a RowsSetDynaClass is initialized from a ResultSet, and not later. 
It seems that the constructors have to take the "useColumnLabel" flag 
instead - but they don't.

Either I don't get the API at all or this is a bug. Is it?

I'm off patching the source a bit.

Best regards,

-- David

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