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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [lang][collections] Overlap; Collections thoughts
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2009 10:18:16 GMT
Overlap between Lang and Collections is starting to increase a bit.
Requested items for ArrayUtils (LANG-238, LANG-470) are better
implemented imo as an ArraySet class. An easy add to Collections.

ComparableComparator made its way (privately) over for the new Range
class. Fair enough - Comparable and Comparator also overlap between
lang.* and util.*.

I have a JIRA issue threat to consider moving Collections code over to
Lang if Collections becomes dead [LANG-532]  :)


One thought I have for Collections is splitting it up into two parts.
The first would be items that add to collections in the JDK, the
second would be additional collections. The former could conceivably
merge with Lang, the latter could also be split up into an SPI style
approach with an API jar and an Impl jar. The latter would most likely
depend on the former.

It would then be tempting to also merge Functors for example into the
latter, plus I think we could get back on the bandwagon of adding new
things, like the long standing Trie JIRA issue.

Biased note: Part of this is that I'm interested in the JDK enhancing
parts, but not all the implementations of weird and whacky
collections; however I think this is likely not just me and that the
separation would do wonders for the release cycle.



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