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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject [VOTE] Apache Commons to sponsor agimatec-validation incunbation
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 20:34:32 GMT
Donald Woods and I have put together a proposal  for the incubator to
bring agimatec-validation into the ASF (see The draft proposal is

agimatec-validation is an implementation of JSR 303 - the bean
validation framework.

The idea at the moment is that (hopefully) this will eventually end up
back here as a replacement for Commons Validator. We would like the
Commons PMC to be the sponsor for this incubating project.

[ ] +1 Yes lets sponsor it
[ ]  -1 No because...

Being a sponsor doesn't commit Commons or agimatec-validation to have
to *graduate* to Commons, just that its the current preference given a
successful incubation.

In order to make it easier for commons to *observe* the incubation
effort does anyone object to discussion taking place on dev@commons
rather than a separate list and commits going to commits@commons?

[ ] +1 Use the Commons mailing lists
[ ] -1 Bad idea because...

Any Commons committers would be very welcome to join the incubator
podling - please just add yourself to the propsal.


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