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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Help cutting JEXL-2.0 RC1 needed
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2009 00:47:04 GMT
Henrib wrote:
> Thanks Phil.
> My first hurdle is the signing part which I'm just discovering and have yet
> to understand...
> And information is hard to find: the public_html directory is not the most
> documented thing you ought to know. What should be in there exactly ?

As Rahul pointed out, is
essentially the doc root of the web site available at
so you put things there that you want to make publicly available.
> I'm sure glad there is help; there are a few project that are just going /
> went through that process (commons-exec for instance) . Is there anyone
> involved willing to share their successful publishing process ?

We definitely need to do that and it is on my todo list to document
the "manual" process that I follow.  Basically, we have two ways to
do releases now - using the maven release plugin (more or less
documented on the Wiki) and "manually" doing the tagging and file
movement via the command line. Personally, I prefer the command line
approach.  I will update the docs here:
once I complete the pool and dbcp releases that I am working on.

The link above includes links to info on how to set up a signing
key, which you need to do in either case (whether you have maven
generate the sigs or do it manually).  Also mentioned there are some
tools in /committers/tools for signing files in a directory and
verifying signatures.

Sorry the docs are not where they need to be.


> Many thanks.
> Henrib
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> ...
>> I always just tar up the files from /target and ~/.m2/repository/...
>> and then scp them to my home directory and unpack them in public_html.
>> Phil

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