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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] 1.3 release problems
Date Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:57:56 GMT
On 22/11/2009, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> I am running into some problems preparing for dbcp-1.3.  I would
>  appreciate comments / patches on any of the issues below.
>  1. Findbugs is showing some real (inconsistent synch) and not so
>  real (e.g. serialization issues on classes that IMO should not be
>  serializable, but we can't fix until 2.0).  The full report is here:
>  I would appreciate suggestions/patches/commits for what to fix and how.

- not a problem, as the code is synch. on format, just disable the report

=> just make these volatile.

org.apache.commons.dbcp.PoolingConnection.createKey(String, byte)
might ignore java.lang.Exception (lines218, 229, 240 and 251)
No idea

could be null and is guaranteed to be dereferenced in
This looks like a bug; just check for null in the second condition?

Class org.apache.commons.dbcp.cpdsadapter.DriverAdapterCPDS defines
non-transient non-serializable instance field logWriter
Just make the logWriter transient.

_pool synch: add synch or make volatile.
Seems to me a lot of these synch. problems would be avoided if the
variables did not have set() methods - why are there set() methods for
fields that are provided in the constructors? What is the use case for

It would be helpful to know which classes are intended to be
thread-safe, as it's not clear whether the potential synch. problems
are likely to occur in normal usage or not.

For example the class SharedPoolDataSource: the field "pool" is
sometimes synch., and sometimes not, but the fields maxActive,
maxWait, maxIdle are not synch. at all.

The use of synchronization seems rather haphazard to me.

>  2. We can't compile commons-pool-1.3.jar against JDK 1.6 (JDBC 4)
>  and expect it to work for JDK 1.4/1.5 (JDBC 3) clients (at least not
>  as the code stands today).  So we need to create two jar artifacts.

How difficult would it be to support both in the same jar?

>   The question is which one gets the 1.3 name, what is the other
>  named and how do we package the distros?
>  3. I assume it is OK at this point to drop the nojdbc3 Ant target
>  and compiler flags for JDBC 2.
>  TIA
>  Phil
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