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From henrib <>
Subject Re: [JEXL 2.0] o.a.c.jexl or o.a.c.jexl2 ?
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 10:29:27 GMT

sebb-2-2 wrote:
> Perhaps you could let us know exactly what you are planning to do first?
1 - Revisit the JexlContext concept to only expose {set,get}JexlVariable
methods (instead of having to expose setVars/getVars & Map) to make it
easier to implement. The "new" JexlContext would be a 
JexlEngine.Context, JexlContext would become deprecated but the API would
still support it - using a trivial conversion from JexlContext to
JexlEngine.Context - to make upgrading easier.

2 - Make a clean separation between deep (non extensible) classes and "user
land" ones. In particular, the current oac.introspection /
oac.introspection.util.introspection packages are a mix of both
(UberspectImpl vs Introspector) and depend on each other.

The main idea would be to have all extensible classes under oac.jexl2 and
all "internal" ones in oac.jexl2.internal(.*); oac.jexl2 would represent the
contractual API, the one we guarantee will be maintained in subsequent
versions, oac.jexl2.internal would be "extend at your own maintenance cost"

Just thoughts & wishes based on experience at this point...

sebb-2-2 wrote:
> Also, please do the jexl => jexl2 changes separately from any other
> changes.
Will do.

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