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From henrib <>
Subject Re: [JEXL 2.0] o.a.c.jexl or o.a.c.jexl2 ?
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 09:16:59 GMT

Thanks to all for your valuable feedback.

The general consensus is that although it may be possible to keep oac.jexl,
it is safer to use
oac.jexl2 as the package name for JEXL2.
I'll refresh the code line accordingly soon.

I might take the opportunity to move some (deep API) classes around to for
the sake of clarity/extensibility (introspection / util) if no-one raises
strong concerns against it.


Henrib-2 wrote:
> One (non Maven related) question for the JEXL community:
> The (soon-to-be published) JEXL-2.0 RCx version comes with a lot of
> changes. The upper level API deprecates ExpressionFactory & ScriptFactory
> - replaced by JexlEngine -, Expression methods that used to throw
> exceptions (ParseException, Exception) throw unchecked exceptions and the
> inner level classes (o.a.c.{util,introspection,etc}) have to many changes
> to be listed.
> Upper level API code compatibility has been checked through Jelly and more
> recently through Commons Configuration; 1.1 behavior seems preserved
> enough for the switch to JEXL-2.0 to be one compilation away.
> However, with so many changes and not so many checks, it may be preferable
> to be on the safe side and put the whole JEXL-2.0 into
> org.apache.commons.jexl2; this would allow 1.1 dependant code to continue
> living its merry way (OSGi non withstanding) and let switchers decide when
> to actually perform the switch.
> We need your opinions and options; let us know.
> Cheers
> Henrib

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