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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject [validator] Direction of validator implementation based on JSR 303
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 02:33:34 GMT
The current trunk in the validator2 sandbox is a copy of the Validator
1.4 code from "commons proper" - but I think we should dump all the
existing validator framework code and just retain the "routines"
package. Trying to maintain any sort of compatibility with the
existing validator framework would be alot more work and code and
create a real mess IMO and I think it would be better to not to even
try. The "routines" package was refactored realtively recently(!) and
can stand on its own.

So I would like to propose the following direction for a Validator2
based on the Bean Validation Framework(JSR 303) - a project with three
separate modules composing of:

  - The Bean Validation (JSR303) API - no dependencies
  - Standalone Validation Routines (based on existing validator
routines package) - no dependencies including Bean Validation API
  - Validation Framework - JSR303 implementation (depends on two modules above)

I have created an alternative branch in the Validator sandbox project
based on the above approach:

I have created a "clean room" implementation of the Bean Validation
API[1] which (hopefully) is complete except for JavaDocs. The only
real functionality is in javax.validation.Validation - the rest are
annotations, interfaces and exceptions. I have also copied the
"routines" package into a standalone module[2]. So the next thing is
to start the actual framework implementation module.

How does this sound as an approach?



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