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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] Re: Application for the Android platform (ACE - Android Computational Environment) using Apache Commons Math library
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 01:05:32 GMT
Hi Mikkel,

First note the [math] that I added to the subject line and the reply
just to the developer list.  The commons mailing lists are shared by
all components, so we always start the subject line of posts with
the component name.  We also post try to avoid cross-posting.

Mikkel Meyer Andersen wrote:
> Dear Apache Commons (Math),
> This e-mail is regarding a new program utilizing Apache Commons Math
> library for the Google Android platform [0]. Basically, I'm asking for
> help with either of the following: beta-test, co-development, and
> licensing issues.

As long as you comply with the provisions of the Apache Software
License (, you are free
to use, redistribute, fork or do anything else you like with
commons-math.  That's why it exists :)
> I've made a beta version of a program for the Android platform. So far
> it's called ACE - Android Computational Environment.
> It is a program to perform calculations when you're on the run, i.e.
> not near an ordinary workstation. I hope that it's going to be like a
> "R Express" sort of application, although that is a lot to aim for.
> It's definitely not meant as a replacement or anything near R. But
> it's meant as an option when e.g. R is not available.
> The application consists of a programming language (ACL), interpreter,
> and - tada - Apache Commons Math library :-). And a GUI.
> The scheduled functionality with highest priority is basic linear
> algebra (matrix multiplication, eigen values, etc.) and statistics
> (quantiles, probabilities etc.). The aim in the long run is to
> implement all the functionality of Apache Commons Math library, and
> hopefully extend the library (e.g. with principal component analysis).
> The application is writtin in Java. I've used ANTLR3 [2] to make the
> lexer and parser. And, as mentioned, the math library is so far Apache
> Commons Math [3].
> As said in the introduction, I'm writing to ask if anybody wants to
> join and help me? First of all I have to be sure of some licensing
> questions and all that stuff. Also, beta-testers and developers would
> be appreciated.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "help."  We can
certainly collaborate here on additions or enhancements to
commons-math (e.g. Principle Components Analysis).  If what you want
is for others to join you in developing the Android app, the best
thing to do is to get the source hosted somewhere like Google Code
or SourceForge and then direct people there to start contributing.
You will need to pick a license.  We of course like the Apache
License and you are free to use that license for your code if you like.
> The application is not on the Android Market yet because it's not
> ready for that yet. But I have a working demo with some functions
> implemented.
> I've never participated in any open source projects before, so sorry
> if I've done anything wrong. And please correct me, if I have. This
> might also result in some stupid questions once in a while, but
> hopefully not too often :-).

You have certainly done nothing wrong and you are welcome to join
us. Feedback, suggestions for enhancement. bug reports - ideally
with patches - are always appreciated.

> I'm from Denmark and have a bachelors degree in math and computer
> science, and are not studying for a masters in statistics. From July
> until December I'm in Australia on exchange.
> Please feel free to comment! I look forward to hearing from you.
> Best regards,
> Mikkel Meyer Andersen
> [0]:
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:
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