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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [lang] New synchronization primitive
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 20:10:01 GMT
Henri Yandell schrieb:
> On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Oliver
> Heger<> wrote:
>> Phil Steitz schrieb:
>>> Oliver Heger wrote:
>>>> AIUI the mission of commons-lang is to provide extensions and
>>>> improvements for existing Java API classes. The concurrent package in
>>>> Java 5 is a great step forward in supporting multi-threaded programming
>>>> in Java, nevertheless there is certainly still room for improvements.
>>>> The proposed concurrent utilities for lang are not intended to reinvent
>>>> the wheel, but to implement additional and convenience functionality on
>>>> top of the existing API.
>>> +1
>>>> @Ted: The proposed class is not high-sophisticated, but given the
>>>> additional timing aspect it is not trivial either. Of course, it can be
>>>> implemented using standard Java means (that's what I did), but having
>>>> something that works out of the box is surely preferable than having to
>>>> create your own implementation. This is the purpose of a library, isn't
>>>> it?
>>> Agree on characterization of [lang].  I wonder though whether what
>>> you have in mind might quickly grow to be too large for [lang].  How
>>> about starting in the sandbox (once you have the grant) so we have
>>> something concrete to talk about?  Looks useful and interesting to me.
>>> Phil
>> The sandbox would be an option, but I don't know whether these suggestions
>> really become too large for [lang].
>> When we talked about a new version of [lang] that would be compatible with
>> JDK 1.5 I made the proposal for some utilities related to multi-threading.
>> Since then I have added some JIRA tickets for this topic, namely LANG-496,
>> LANG-499, and LANG-501. IMHO this is comparable in amount and intension to
>> the text package already existing in [lang].
>> Maybe an active [lang] committer can comment on this?
> Far as I'm concerned you're the active lang committer for concurrency :)
> I think adding it as a package is fine and that you should continue to
> grow the package. You've my +1 to go ahead and start committing to a
> subpackage (concurrent seems the right name).
> Can you open a JIRA issue for adding the package, and link various
> tickets to it? Then we can argue about whether it's a separate commons
> component or a subpackage before releasing 3.0 and after it's had the
> time to justify its existence.
> Basically please go for it, and try to keep its changes decoupled from
> the other packages pending happiness that it fits.
> Hen
Thanks, Hen!

I have created LANG-529 as a summary ticket. Hopefully I can start 
committing the already available issues in the near future.


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