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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: [JEXL] towards 2.0 release, bug triage
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 18:22:43 GMT
On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Henrib<> wrote:
> Out of the 20 unresolved issues in Jira, the following list is addressed in
> the 2.0 trunk:
> JEXL-52 Implicit evaluation of misspelled EL and ways to detect such
> occurrences
> JEXL-48 NPE during expression evaluation
> JEXL-44 Comments don't allow double-quotes
> JEXL-41 Allow nested ${} evaluation
> JEXL-47 Allow single-line comments with //
> JEXL-42 NullPointerException evaluating an expression
> JEXL-10 [jexl] Make possible checking for unresolved variables
> JEXL-11 [jexl] Don't make null convertible into anything
> JEXL-3  [JEXL] Static method resolution (and changes to context)
> JEXL-21 operator overloading / hooks on operator processing
> JEXL-49 Block statements aren't parsed
> JEXL-45 Unhandled division by zero
> JEXL-50 Div operator does not do integer division
> JEXL-32 BigDecimal values are treated as Long values which results in loss
> of precision
> JEXL-24 Support Long for integer literal instead of Integers
> JEXL-58 UnifiedJEXL
> Most of them have been opened for a long time and I suppose no-one will be
> willing to fix anything in the 1.1 trunk. May I suggest that the target
> release for all bugs becomes 2.0 to begin with since I suspect that their
> reporters have either found workarounds and/or are no longer expecting a
> fix.

Indeed, I thought about doing this last night, but decided to get some
sleep instead :-) Here is the cleaned up JIRA roadmap, which agrees
with above:

> In that same list, besides JEXL-52 that represents a lot of work and might
> be tagged as later, all others can be marked as fixed in 2.0 (as far as I
> understand them).

I've created a new version called "Later" for good ideas that won't
get on the immediate roadmap without complete tested patches. JEXL-52
is one example.

> Non-yet adressed issues are:
> JEXL-46 adding Perl-like regular-expression operators
> JEXL-43 Website overview does not mention method calls
> JEXL-35 Final API requirements
> JEXL-20 Fix checkstyle issues in 1.1 (should be(come) 2.0)
> As a personal opinion:
> JEXL-46 should not be fixed or marked as later since adding syntactic
> elements (especially regexps) is a step towards more complexity.

Another "Later" IMO.

> JEXL-43 - or more globally the new 2.0 features & al - should definitely be
> part of the web-site somehow and thus be fxied.

Definitely 2.0.

> JEXL-35 remaining question should be whether JexlArithmetic should become
> public so it makes it easier to implement another Arithmetic.

I think theres value to that, which means we need to be very sure
thats the interface we want (or even go to an abstract class for
extensibility I think). Set to 2.0.

> JEXL-20 (besides being retargeted to 2.0) is difficult to assess to me; what
> is the tolerable/authorized/common overall-quality we are seeking in this
> respect?

Well, very subjective IMO. Generally try to fix as many as possible
and make code consistent in most syntactic and style respects.

Thanks for the triage.


> Opinions, comments welcome.

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