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From "Philip, Anil - Kansas City, MO" <>
Subject RE: Commons Dbutils: Request feedback for possible patch; handling nested beans.
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 19:51:42 GMT
My fix was to create a NestedBeanProcessor that inherited from BeanProcessor and accepts a
mapping in the constructor.
However, **in a patch, it would be better to simply modify the toBean() in BeanProcessor and
add a constructor that accepts a Hashtable**.
Current fix:
1) For each nested bean, users will provide a mapping of property to nested object reference
so that the property can be found. In the above example, that would be: "bar"<---> ['activity',
2) A new class, NestedBeanProcessor inherits from the BeanProcessor class in Dbutils. It overrides
the toBean() method.(Note: for a patch, We would add a constructor that accepts a hashtable,
and also modify toBean()) When this method is called to populate a bean from a result set,
it asks the superclass to fill in the data. Then it examines each mapping. Using Java Reflection,
it retrieves the nested reference. If this is null, it creates the nested bean. Next, it retrieves
the value of the field in the result set and calls the setter method on the bean.
3) In the case where Foo contained a list of nested beans:
for example
ArrayList<Bar> bar;
There is no way to specify this one-many relationship in Dbutils for automatic filling of
bar.activity from the top-level query. We would in this case, fill in the fields of Foo and
then use this instance to run a second query, using the BeanListHandler to fill in the bar
list and any nested fields of Bar. 

Hashtable<PropertyDescriptor, String> ht = new Hashtable<PropertyDescriptor, String>();
PropertyDescriptor prop = new PropertyDescriptor("activity", Bar.class);
ht.put(prop, "bar");
NestedBeanProcessor nbp = new NestedBeanProcessor(ht);
QueryRunner runner = new QueryRunner();
BasicRowProcessor burp = new BasicRowProcessor(nbp);
BeanHandler bh = new BeanHandler(Foo.class, burp);
Foo foo = (Foo) runner.query(connection,	"select face, activity from Mood", bh);
System.out.println(foo.getFace() + " during this activity: " + foo.getBar().getActivity());

huffing during this activity: jog
public class NestedBeanProcessor extends BeanProcessor { 

...relevant methods shown...

Hashtable<PropertyDescriptor, String> propertyForBeanMember;

public NestedBeanProcessor(
Hashtable<PropertyDescriptor, String> propertyForBeanMember) {
	this.propertyForBeanMember = propertyForBeanMember;
public Object toBean(ResultSet rs, Class type) throws SQLException {
	Object bean = super.toBean(rs, type);
	Enumeration<PropertyDescriptor> keys = propertyForBeanMember.keys();
	while (keys.hasMoreElements()) {
		PropertyDescriptor property = keys.nextElement();
		Class<?> beanClass = bean.getClass();
		try {
			String fieldName = propertyForBeanMember.get(property);
			String fieldNameCapitalized = fieldName.substring(0, 1)
						+ fieldName.substring(1);
			String fieldGetterName = "get" + fieldNameCapitalized;
			String fieldSetterName = "set" + fieldNameCapitalized;
			Method fieldGetterMethod = beanClass
			Method fieldSetterMethod = null;
// we have to go thru all the methods because
// PropertyDescriptor doesn't seem to provide a way to retrieve
// the fieldClass
// i.e. we would have liked to simply do 
// fieldSetterMethod = beanClass.getDeclaredMethod(fieldSetterName,  Bar.class);
			Method[] allMethods = beanClass.getDeclaredMethods();
			for (Method m : allMethods) {
				String mname = m.getName();
				if (mname.equals(fieldSetterName)) {
					fieldSetterMethod = m;
			Field beanField = beanClass.getDeclaredField(fieldName);
			Class<?> nestedBeanType = beanField.getType();
			Object nestedBeanValue = fieldGetterMethod.invoke(bean);
			// nestedBeanValue is the value in the reference
			if (nestedBeanValue == null) {
				// create
				nestedBeanValue = nestedBeanType.newInstance();
				// set value to new instance
				fieldSetterMethod.invoke(bean, nestedBeanValue);
			System.out.println(" property :" + property
				+ " target nested Bean: " + nestedBeanValue);
			Class<?> propType = property.getPropertyType();
			Object targetValue = this.processColumn(rs, rs
				.findColumn(property.getName()), propType);
			if (propType != null && targetValue == null
				&& propType.isPrimitive()) {
				targetValue = primitiveDefaults.get(propType);
			this.callSetter(nestedBeanValue, property, targetValue);
		} catch (Exception e) {
			throw new SQLException(e.getMessage());
	return bean;

Anil Philip

-----Original Message-----
From: Liam Coughlin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:26 PM
To: Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: Commons Dbutils: Request feedback for possible patch; handling nested beans.

The default BeanHandler is not a full mapping solution and I'm not sure you
really want it to be -- that's a case where it might be in your best
interest to implement a custom Handler.


On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 12:59 PM, Philip, Anil - Kansas City, MO <> wrote:

> Here is the example - I had an idea and implemented a possible fix that
> works. I would like to know before I submit a patch, whether it really is a
> solution or if there is a better way. In short, can I get feedback here?
> --------
> Problem:
> Some of our beans contain object references to other beans. Those nested
> beans may have properties that are intended to be filled in by one or more
> fields from a query. However, since it is not on the surface, Dbutils cannot
> find where the property is and so the nested property remains unfilled.
> Example:
> Consider a table Moods to track our demeanor while we engage in an
> activity. So it has two columns; face (demeanor) and activity.
> Face            Activity
> -----       --------
> huffing Jog
> smile           Work
> engrossed       movie
> sad             Cry
> distant distracted
> bored           waiting
> Bean Foo contains an object reference to an instance - a bean- of class
> Bar. Foo contains data field or property 'face', and Bar contains the
> property 'activity', that we want to fill from this query:
> "select face, activity from Mood"
> public class Foo {
>        private String face;
>        private Bar bar;
>        public String getFace() {return face;}
>        public void setFace(String face) {this.face = face;}
>        public void setBar(Bar bar) { = bar;}
>        public Bar getBar() {return bar;}
> }
> public class Bar {
>        private String activity;
>        public String getActivity() {return activity;}
>        public void setActivity(String activity) {this.activity = activity;}
> }
> Old way:
> QueryRunner runner = new QueryRunner();
> BeanHandler bh = new BeanHandler(Foo.class);
> Foo foo = (Foo) runner.query(connection,
>        "select face, activity from Mood", bh);
> Result:
> is null and its fields are unpopulated.
> thanks,
> Anil Philip
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dan Fabulich []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:13 PM
> To: Commons Developers List
> Subject: Re: Commons Dbutils: Request feedback for possible patch; handling
> nested beans.
> Philip, Anil - Kansas City, MO wrote:
> > We use dbutils in my team and found a problem when a bean has nested
> object references.
> > The properties in the nested bean are obviously not filled in.
> File a bug with an example?  I'm not sure I quite understand your
> scenario.
> (You need to login to file a bug.)
> -Dan
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