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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] Releasing 2.0
Date Sun, 19 Jul 2009 15:19:18 GMT
Phil Steitz a écrit :
>>> How about we use the changes plugin to generate a text file and then
>>> edit and commit as RELEASE-NOTES.txt.
>> I will try to do it tomorrow
> I added a velocity template and directed the changes plugin to use it.
> mvn changes:announcement-generate
> mv target/announcement/math-release-notes.vm RELEASE-NOTES.txt

The changes plugin does not find the template. As per
the templateDirectory should be a subdirectory of
${basedir}/src/main/resources/. I can change this location, of course,
but it raises two issues to me:
 - should we change the complete layout to follow the maven way and also
   change src/java into src/main/java src/test into src/test/java and so
   on ?
 - why does this location don't work since it seems to be the same for
   [pool] ?

Another problem is that if I move the file into a subdirectory of
main/resources, I get this parse error in the template:

[INFO] [changes:announcement-generate]
[INFO] Creating announcement file from
[ERROR] Left side ($release.getActions().size()) of '==' operation has
null value. If a reference, it may not be in the context. Operation not
possible. templates/math-release-notes.vm [line 23, column 37]
[INFO] Created template

The templace has been properly created despite this error, though.


> will now generate a not beautiful, but decent start for the release
> notes.  Feel free to toss this, hack the template or  do the whole thing
> from scratch if that is easier.  The template itself is in src/templates
> and can be edited, but it is probably best to just leave it more or less
> generic and edit the output file.
> Most (all?) of the API changes are documented in the changelog, so we
> may not need to list them exhaustively in a summary of changes.  We
> should add a clirr report and cross-check in any case.
> Phil
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