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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: New Sandbox Component Proposal: Commons JSON
Date Sun, 17 May 2009 17:28:15 GMT
>>> As a commons committer, you can start things in the sandbox without a
>>> formal
>>> vote.  You should probably execute a grant for the stuff done outside the
>>> ASF.  Does Yonik have sandbox karma?  If not, just ask.  Happy hacking!

Great to hear! Just wanted to ask before bringing stuff in! I will
tell Yonik that he needs to request karma.

>> Didn't we resolve that a grant for stuff outside the ASF by someone
>> who has signed a CLA is fine?
> Whence "probably" - I would not personally complain as long as the non-ASF
> stuff is the original work of one person, is "clean" from IP standpoint and
> is not "large".  The last is a judegement call.

I was the only person working on the google-code and I have signed the
CLA (of course).
If this is considered OK, I will go ahead. I don't think the codebase
is large - roundabout 10 classes or so.

However, since I wrote the code alone I can sign any formal sheets at
any time, if necessary.


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