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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject Re: [releasing] SVN Tag creeated by maven
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 18:47:34 GMT
sebb wrote:

> However, if the directory names within the archives contain the -RC2
> suffix, then that is a different matter. Maybe a Maven expert can give
> advice here on how to work with immutable tags?

I consider myself reasonably expert with Maven, and my opinion is that 
Maven's release process is entirely wrong and does not embody a best 
practice.  :-(

The problem here is that the source code (the pom.xml file) contains the 
path to the source code in subversion.  So if you tag the RC as 
DBUTILS_1_2_RC1 then the source code includes "RC1".  If you then later 
copy that tag to "DBUTILS_1_2" the source code will still say "RC1".

Since you can't modify the source code after the vote, your best bet is to 
create the RC with the final location for the tag and delete/re-tag for 
each RC. :-(

IMO, it's entirely wrong for the pom.xml source code to describe the 
location of the source code.  The reason Maven wants this information 
there is so when it goes to deploy (either for snapshots or releases) the 
deployed .pom file in the Maven repository will contain a link to the 
source code.

That feature should be implemented by inserting the source link in the 
deployed .pom file at deploy time.  (It should be auto-detected, or read 
from some non-checked-in location or manually specified at that time.)

At a more philosophical level, the only reason Maven *has* a release 
plugin is because its release philosophy is wrong: the Maven philosophy is 
to make changes to the source code at release time, which is fundamentally 
a bad idea which I hope we can fix some day.


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