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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: [pool] Release process
Date Sun, 24 May 2009 23:07:34 GMT
On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 8:41 PM, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> Perf testing has gone well so far.  I have one more batch of javadoc /
> ridiculously-long-line elimination changes to commit and then I will cut an
> RC.   There are a couple of things that I want to get community input on
> before plowing forward with the RC.
> 0) @author tags.  This has been discussed several times before.  These are
> way out of date and none have been added since we stopped adding @author
> tags here about 4 years ago.  I am OK leaving as is, but want to let others
> weigh in on maybe eliminating them from the sources.
> 1) Release process.  I am NOT planning on using the maven release plugin.  I
> will get working assemblies to create tarballs, make tags, named RC1, 2 (NOT
> "mutable" release tags) and push the tarballs and jar artifacts manually to
> the mirror/repo locations.  For the RCs, I will keep RC* names in the
> artifact and jar names. Once an RC passes inspection, I will tag and roll a
> "final" RC with RC tag name, but final release-named artifacts and kick off
> a release VOTE.  If the VOTE passes, I will deploy the voted-on artifacts
> and copy the tag.    Pls scream now if this is not acceptable.  I prefer
> this method because I know exactly what is going on at each stage and it
> keeps tags and RCs immutable.

I wouldn't use the release plugin either.


> Phil

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