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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Time for a POOL 1.5 release?
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 00:08:09 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> I have finished working my way through the open POOL bugs.
> Of the remaining issues, 2 are bugs that only affect the 2.0 branch and
> rest are improvements.
> Given that Tomcat is waiting on a DBCP release and DBCP is waiting on a
> POOL release I would like to progress a POOL 1.5 release asap.
> Does POOL have a usual release manager? If so, do they want to do this
> release? If not, I'll start working my way through the release procedures.
Big +1 for releasing and THANKS for plowing through the backlog of 
issues.  I did the last release and will do this one so you can focus 
your available cycles on DBCP - unless you are dying to learn the 
try-as-we-might-will-always-be-a-black-art commons release process.  Or 
unless some other, I mean "volunteer" steps up.

I have not reviewed the POOL-75 patches completely yet, but looks like a 
*big* improvement.  Thanks again for taking this on.  I will also start 
running my zoo of concurrency / load tests using commons-performance to 
make sure we have not broken anything.  Finally, I have some 
documentation improvements that I want to make for this release - mostly 
taking the vagueness out of the descriptions of maxActive, maxIdle, etc.

> Mark
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