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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [NET] SFTP vs. FTPS
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 16:37:09 GMT

I've been out of the FTP "game" for several years and now I need to get 
back in.  I have a requirement to set up a secure FTP connection with 
another organization, so naturally, I look to commons-net first as a 
solution.  I notice that there is support for FTPS in commons-net but 
not for SFTP.

Not being up on the latest buzz on this "controversy", I wonder if 
someone can point me at a good discussion of the differences, why we are 
implementing one and not the other, etc.  Also, if I will be required to 
use SFTP (not sure yet), is there an open-source java package out there 
similar to commons-net that supports it?


Steve Cohen

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