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From James Carman <>
Subject Re: [LANG] Null-protection methods
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 10:43:11 GMT
On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 4:43 AM, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> Is the following worth keeping in Lang?
> public Foo someJdkMethod(Object input) {
>    if(input == null) {
>        handleAccordingly();
>    }
>    return input.jdkMethod();
> }
> I feel that we've bloated up with these methods, and is it really
> worth it? I still have lots of if(x != null && x.callFoo()) type
> invocations, having a small handful of methods available in Lang to
> let me say if(FooUtils.callFoo(x)) isn't enough to hide all of the
> other times when I might have to worry about it.
> Personally I'd like to see these methods removed from Lang [especially
> given Stephen's blogging about null protected setting in some future
> JVM].
> An example:
>    public static String trim(String str) {
>        return str == null ? null : str.trim();
>    }
> Given that I'm likely to do N things to the string, chances are I'll
> check for null up front and then invoke methods rather than repeatedly
> writing ugly code by using StringUtils.
> Any thoughts in favour of these methods?

What do bug catchers such as FindBugs do with situations like these?
Would they still report it as a potential bug?  Or, do they dig into
the FooUtils.callFoo() methods to see if they're doing the null check?
 I'm just curious, I guess.  If FindBugs is still going to report it
as a potential bug, then it would seem like folks would probably be
doing the null check on their own to quiet down FindBugs (not that
everyone uses it of course).

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