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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: New Sandbox Component Proposal: Commons JSON
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 19:25:39 GMT

> I don't know about folks you (or I) know face-to-face, but I know that several ASF committers
and members have popped up around the ANTLR lists over the years, including, off the top of
my head, myself, Torsten, O.Ziegermann, H.L. Ship, and probably others.  I personally am
quite comfortable with ANTLR 2.x but need to really take the time to play with ANTLR 3.  The
argument _for_ using parser generators is that those who use them feel the grammar is easier
to digest (it's smaller) than the equivalent Java code.  It's something else again to debug
ANTLR parsers/treeparsers, but it's far from impossible.  Once you get used to knowing what
to look for it's actually fairly easy.  I don't say any of this to disparage Yonik's work
on Noggit (I've not looked at it); I am just airing my understanding of the motivations for
using grammars and parser generators as opposed to hand-writing parsers.

what you (and Torsten, he PMed me) are saying will surely make digg me
more into antlr. At the moment I always felt that such a simple format
like json doesn't need  such a tool like antlr, but maybe I am wrong
and should rethink. However, Yoniks parser is very fast - antlr
parsers should have same performance and should be memory efficient
This can be checked, of course, and I will do that (when having some
spare time left :-)).



> -Matt
>> > I always scratch my head when I hear "there are
>> dependencies!" when any application I create or use always
>> has dependencies. I wonder how much redundancies and bug
>> fixes would be removed if, for example, all Apache Java code
>> (or even just the Commons code) went the other way and did
>> depend on each other. You might argue we would end up in
>> 'jar hell' but that might force us to better draw boundaries
>> between components and fix bugs :)
>> In maven age I don't feel bad with dependencies, but one
>> json lib did
>> depend on asm version 1 once, and hibernate upgraded to asm
>> version 2,
>> and that gave me nightmare. I ended up with opening my json
>> package
>> and copied all version 1 files into it with own package
>> name. I
>> recompiled, brought this to my repos and so on. This was
>> hell (cause
>> my customer didn't want to pay the time).
>> For me json is so basic, that we can do everything without
>> any
>> dependencie. And a basic lib should not have any, I think.
>> Thanks!
>> Christian
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