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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: New Sandbox Component Proposal: Commons JSON
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 13:42:44 GMT
Hi Jörg,

thanks for asking!

>> I would like to add:
>> - no dependencies!
>> - Creates JSON Strings of Objects and vice versa
> ... and a bit more on the mapping this mechanism.

Basically you have a JSONValue which can be JSONString, JSONNumber
etc. If you call toJSON at this object, you'll get a JSON string. This
is done by recursion. Same goes to map a json string into a JSONValue.
Here I am using my own parser, but Noggit should replace it.

Then there is a simple annotation based serializer in which you can
put an object and get an JSONString in return. This is basically done
by checking the type of the object. If object, then it must be a json
object, fields are the same and lists become json arrays. Some if
else, nothing special.

Mapping from an json string into an annotated object has been started,
but not finished. We have to think about an elegant solution. Of
course, this should be noggit based too :-)

> Well, there are quite some solutions in the wild ;-)

Most have tons of depencies. Some use Google Collection, the next use
antlr (!) and other heavy weight dependencies. The case of JSON is
very simple, but in most cases totally overenineered.

I collected some thoughts about current libs in the past, while
working on projects with JSON:

We have used in 2006/2007; problem here are tons
of features which you can't necessarly control. At the end we didn't
use 10% of the features, broke up the code and made a fork ourself,
to delete some stuff which really made us insane. Interface here is
changing quite often.

The org.json implementation has some of the problems too- json-lib is
based on this. seem to be similar to what i want, but does not seem to be
developed. And it has some programmatic stuff inside which i don't
like. Just a matter of taste.

JSON Tools seem to have a dependency to antlr, which i didn't want. It
also has not been developed for a while and is GPLed.

org.json.simple is GPLed too (and i didn't find it was such simple)

Stringtree does some parsing, but don't have a object representation.

JSOn-Taglib is a taglib which was out of the evaluation cause we
didn't use webtier.

JSon Serialization gives you a class to serialize json. No objects at
all, but asl2 and worth considering for the use of the parser. Java 5

JSonMarshaller is Java 5 and quite early but promisiing. You can
easily serialize pojos with annotations to json and vv. It cannot work
on Enums and it has some evil bugs inside, which we suffered from in

Basically I would like to enjoy some very simple lib, without any
depenncies and with good speed.
Noggit promises the speed, and the rest can be cleaned up. Finally its
ASL license.


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