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Subject [parent] updating plugins versions and configuration ?
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:42:02 GMT

Trying to remove an annoying warning from maven, I noticed that commons-parent 11 now uses
old versions and deprecated configuration for some plugins.

The things I noticed are the following ones:

version changes:
  maven-gpg-plugin                  1.0-alpha-4
  maven-install-plugin              2.3
  maven-source-plugin               2.1
  maven-assembly-plugin             2.2-beta-3
  maven-release-plugin              2.0-beta-9
  maven-antrun-plugin               1.3
  maven-bundle-plugin               2.0.0
  maven-project-info-reports-plugin 2.1.1
  maven-site-plugin                 2.0-beta-7
  jdepend-maven-plugin              2.0-beta-2

versions and configuration changes:
  maven-javadoc-plugin              2.5
  (and <aggregate>false</aggregate> should be removed)

proposed additional plugins:
  maven-changes-plugin              2.1
  cobertura-maven-plugin            2.2
  clirr-maven-plugin                2.2.2
  findbugs-maven-plugin             2.1
  maven-pmd-plugin                  2.4
  maven-checkstyle-plugin           2.2
  (and change headerFile into headerLocation for the components which already use it)

What about updating commons-parent pom ?


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