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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [sanselan] Next steps
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 01:45:44 GMT
We have voted to accept sanselan as a commons component [1].  Welcome!

We now need to settle the administrative questions raised in [2]:

2. Most commons components have a "functional" name instead of a "fun" 
name. Would Sanselan need to be renamed, e.g. Commons Image, or would it 
be ok to have the sub-project called Sanselan, or Commons Sanselan?

My preference would be to adopt a functional name.  We used to have this 
documented as a policy, but that seems to vanished from the web pages, 
so it is possible that we made a conscious decision that I just 
personally forgot about to eliminate this policy.  If others - most 
importantly, the Sanselan community - feel strongly about not changing 
the name, I am OK with it.  It makes it easier for people to find their 
way through our components, however, if their names are descriptive.  
Personally, I feel the same way about TLPs, but that is a separate topic.

3. Would any changes be required from the existing packaging of 
Sanselan? For example, packages are named org.apache.sanselan. Would 
these need to be renamed to org.apache.commons.sanselan (or less fun 
name as above)?

My preference would be o.a.c.x, where x is the new functional name.  
Repackaging provides an opportunity to revise the name.

I have separately kicked off a vote on private@ (per our custom) on 
commitership.  Once that closes, we will need volunteers to help with 
the svn move and component setup.




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