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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [sanselan] Next steps
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 02:19:58 GMT
On 28/04/2009, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> We have voted to accept sanselan as a commons component [1].  Welcome!
>  We now need to settle the administrative questions raised in [2]:
>  2. Most commons components have a "functional" name instead of a "fun"
> name. Would Sanselan need to be renamed, e.g. Commons Image, or would it be
> ok to have the sub-project called Sanselan, or Commons Sanselan?
>  My preference would be to adopt a functional name.

+1 for functional name

-0.9 for Sanselan

BTW in French the name could mean "without enthusiasm" if one ignores
the missing space and acute accent ;-)

As it happens, "Image" means much the same in French as in English.

> We used to have this
> documented as a policy, but that seems to vanished from the web pages, so it
> is possible that we made a conscious decision that I just personally forgot
> about to eliminate this policy.  If others - most importantly, the Sanselan
> community - feel strongly about not changing the name, I am OK with it.  It
> makes it easier for people to find their way through our components,
> however, if their names are descriptive.  Personally, I feel the same way
> about TLPs, but that is a separate topic.
>  3. Would any changes be required from the existing packaging of Sanselan?
> For example, packages are named org.apache.sanselan. Would these need to be
> renamed to org.apache.commons.sanselan (or less fun name as above)?

+1 for o.a.c.x

>  My preference would be o.a.c.x, where x is the new functional name.
> Repackaging provides an opportunity to revise the name.
>  I have separately kicked off a vote on private@ (per our custom) on
> commitership.  Once that closes, we will need volunteers to help with the
> svn move and component setup.
>  Thanks!
>  Phil
>  [1]
>  [2]
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