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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [COMPRESS] Archive Stream refactoring
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 04:56:51 GMT
>> We could also add some new methods with partial implementations, for example
>> putArchiveEntry(File)
>> extractFile(File basedir, Entry)
> If this is a common usecase, yes.  The only real user of a simial API
> I know is Ant and here those methods wouldn't help since they don't
> provide a way to specify permissions and so on.

This would be good - I am thinking on some "breaking a stream into
chunks" logic. Currently we have this kind of logic in all stream
classes. I am not sure if one can write it such generic, but I think
this really would improve the stuff.

About extractFile(File):
Before a while I made a proposal for such File-based methods. I really
think now that we should not mix the streambased classes with classes
which operate on File. Maybe I am too rigorous here. But at the moment
I think that a user should use a utility class for  extractFile(File
basedir, Entry).

This could have more such methods:
compressTo(String compressor, File in, File out);


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