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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject [compress] Open Issues Discussion
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 06:56:09 GMT
diving into the open issues, I would like prio them.

* SANDBOX-282 TAR formaT unspecified
I would do this in version 1.1. Its an important thing, but will need
its time, at least, if I work on this :-)

* SANDBOX-286 BZip2CompressorInputStream doesn't work if wrapped into
As far as I understand the discussion, there is no real solution for
this. Following the discussion on the issue it looks like implementing
available is not a nice thing to do since other implementations could
fail with receiving a wrong byte length. Jukka allready pointed out
the way to go, so is this bug a "won't fix"?

* SANDBOX-293 Make ZiparchiveInputStream support as much of the zip
package as possible
Looks like big work here. Even if it looks necessary, I would enjoy if
we do that in 1.1. It feels like a new feature instead of a bug to me.

* SANDBOX-280 unable to extract a TAR file that contains an entry
which is 10 GB in size
I think this one is related to the solution of SANDBOX-282 and would
like to see it in 1.1 too

* SANDBOX-176 Enable creation of tool-readable ZIP archives with file
names containing non-ASCII characters
I admit I didn't read everything here today :-) Is this solved? The
discussion has been ended with a commit from Stefan

* SANDBOX-296 Ar doesn't delete correct
We should fix that before the first release. Only other option imho is
to leave it out completly

* SANDBOX-300 Threading Requirements
We should fix

* SANDBOX-124 [compress] bzip2 - implement flush()
Stefan said (see issue comments), this is fixed - if so, can we close that one?

* SANDBOX-295 JarArchiveEntry does not populate manifestAttributes or
This is an enhancement. If time, we can fix, but I don't think this is
a must have for 1.0.

If you agree with me, I reorder the Roadmap page on the wiki and start
fixing with that prios.


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