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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [ANN] commons-exec 1.0 released - Part 2
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:10:12 GMT
Hi Gary,

Source and binary distributions can be downloaded from the
corresponding directories in an Apache Software Foundation mirror at:

See also the download page at:


Siegfried Goeschl

Gary Gregory wrote:
> You should include links to the site and download area...
> Gary
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Siegfried Goeschl []
>> Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:35 AM
>> To: Jakarta Commons Developers List; Jakarta Commons Users List
>> Subject: [ANN] commons-exec 1.0 released
>> The commons-exec-team is pleased to announce the commons-exec-1.0 release!
>> A library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM
>> Changes in this version include:
>> New features:
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ---
>> o Added one additional test : DefaultExecutorTest.testExecuteWithFancyArg
>>   Issue: EXEC-26. Thanks to Benjamin Bentmann.
>> o Added convinience method to add two parameters to the CommandLine
>>   using one method invocation.
>> o Added test scripts for OpenVMS - he seems to be the last human having
>>   access to an OpenVMS box ... :-)
>> o With the help of the Apache Commons community I added the first results
>>   of cross-OS testing. Thanks to Simone Gianni, Bindul Bhowmik,
>>   Niall Pemberton, Sebastian Bazley.
>> o The regression tests now also works on Windows - so it should
>>   work now on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X
>> o Added DebugUtils to improve cross-platform testing.
>> o Made DefaultExecutor.launch() protected to enable mocking.
>>   Issue: SANDBOX-62. Thanks to Jeremy Lacoste.
>> o Made ProcessDestroyer optional and pluggable when using Executor.
>>   Issue: SANDBOX-107. Thanks to Niklas Gustavsson.
>> o CommandLine can now expand the given command line by a user-suppied
>>   map. This allows to execute something like "${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -jar
>> ${myapp}"
>> o Added methods to provide pre-quoted arguments.
>>   Issue: SANDBOX-192. Thanks to Reinhold Fuereder.
>> o Exposing a ExecuteWatchdog.destroy() to kill an asynchrounous process
>>   manually. This formalizes a workaround described in the JIRA
>>   Issue: SANDBOX-193. Thanks to Reinhold Fuereder.
>> o Extending exit value handling to support applications returning an error
>>   code.  Issue: SANDBOX-203.
>> o Added a few regression tests for the watchdog since they were missing.
>>   Issue: SANDBOX-204.
>> Fixed Bugs:
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ---
>> o Removed useless synchronized statement in
>>   OpenVmsProcessingEnvironment.createProcEnvironment
>>   Issue: EXEC-37. Thanks to Sebastien Bazley.
>> o Using for child process will actually hang your application -
>>   see JIRA for more details. Since there is no easy fix an
>>   IllegalRuntimeException is thrown when is passed.
>>   Issue: EXEC-33.
>> o Fixing a few findbugs issues.  Issue: EXEC-35. Thanks to Luc Maisonobe.
>> o Handle null streams consistently.  Issue: EXEC-32. Thanks to Marco
>> Ferrante.
>> o After a long discussion we decided to stick to following groupId
>>   "org.apache.commons" instead of "commons-exec".
>> o The Ant build now works even when junit is not on the classpath
>>   Thanks to Kevin Jackson.
>> o Fixed broken "groupId" from "org.apache.commons" to "commons-exec"
>> o Renamed EnvironmentUtil to EnvironmentUtils to align with other classes
>>   in this project and commons in general. Please note that this change
>>   could break existing clients (but would be rather unlikely).
>>   Issue: EXEC-27. Thanks to Benjamin Bentmann.
>> o Make environment variables respect casing rules of platforms. Under
>> Windows
>>   "PATH", "Path" and "path" would access the same environment variable
>> whereas
>>   the real name is "Path".  Issue: EXEC-30. Thanks to Benjamin Bentmann.
>> o Invoking DefaultExecutor.execute(CommandLine command, Map environment)
>> using
>> a 'null' Map results in inheriting all environment variables of the
>> current
>>   process while passing an empty map implies starting the new process
>> with no
>>   environment variables. In short 'null' is not the same as an empty map.
>>   Issue: EXEC-31. Thanks to Benjamin Bentmann.
>> o Using variable substitution within CommandLine broke the regression
>> tests
>>   under Windows. Found also another bug when calling
>> CommandLine.getExecutable()
>>   the result was not substituted at all. As a general rule we do variable
>>   substitution and file separator fixing on the command line executable
>> and
>>   variable substitution but NO file separator fixing for the command line
>>   arguments.  Issue: EXEC-25.
>> o Implemented better regression test for OpenVMS affecting also
>>   the Executor and CommandLauncher interface.
>> o Cleaned up the source code to get rid of javadoc errors and
>>   unused imports.  Issue: SANDBOX-204.
>> Removed:
>> o Removed commons-logging integration
>> Have fun!
>> -commons-exec-team
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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