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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [compress] State of encoding support in ZIP package
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 16:42:05 GMT
On 2009-02-26, Wolfgang Glas <> wrote:

>   Thanks for your tremendous work on finishing ZIP encoding support ;-)

I had a good base to start from, thank you. 8-)

> Stefan Bodewig schrieb:

>> * documentation (will tackle that next)

> May I help you at this point ?

Any help anywhere is appreciated.  Pick whatever you'd like to work on
and let us know so we don't duplicate effort.

For documentation I envision a package.html describing the differences
between the package and (which is more than just
encoding) and a special section on the various options for encoding
and their consequences.  Given your experience and your interop tests
you would probably be the better man to write that encoding section.

>> * ZipArchiveInputStream - SANDBOX-293

> Well, ZipArchiveINputStream rermains a problematic issue.

True.  But I don't expect it to be too hard when we share the parser
code with ZipFile.  It won't work properly for all cases, but it will
be better than

>> * WinZIP interop - SANDBOX-292

> Well I think we should tackle this one for ZipFile.

Absolutely.  To me Ant will create a different problem because we'll
end up changing the ZipExtraField interface in compress and I can't do
that for backwards compatibility reasons inside Ant - but this will be
solved as well.


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