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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Create a sandbox commons-money component?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 04:19:32 GMT

"Stephen Colebourne" <> wrote in message
> One of the items the JDK doesn't have is a Money class (despite having a 
> Currency class). I'm raising the question of whether others here would be 
> interested in creating a new component (or possibly adding it to a Java 5 
> version of commons-lang).
> I have recently coded a Money class with full tests, which I have 
> considered releasing as a Joda-Money component. But I don't really have 
> the time to put into this with the JSR-310 work. If there are others at 
> commons that want to take what I've done and breath life into it to get it 
> released perhaps that might be the best way?
> I don't consider what I have done to be complete BTW. It is a basic Money 
> class, but I was planning on adding BigMoney, formatting and parsing too - 
> if I had enough time.
> One key scope point, I see this as just being to provide the value objects 
> and formatting. All the myriad of financial calculations shouldn't be part 
> of the basic commons-money, thus it would be a very small component.

I'm definately interested even in just the basic version.  But would put in 
time to work on the finacial calculations as well if the project wanted to 
go there.

> To reiterate, I don't really have time to lead this or release it, so I'm 
> just testing the water to see if it piques anyone's interest.
> Stephen 

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