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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [compress] SANDBOX-246 remaining Findbugs issues
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 14:51:26 GMT
thanks Stefan for running findbugs! I'll try to give answers as far as
I know till now.

> * JarArchiveEntry certificates and manifestAttributes is never written
>  to, so they are useless.
>  I'm unsure of the class' purpose and simply left things as they are,
>  assuming setters will be provided one day.

It's planned that the *Entry classes provide additional information
for the archiver. For example see TarArchiveEntry, which gives you the
chance to add a username to the file. In the case of JarArchiveEntry
it's simply not finished and we need to extend this when the rest of
the work is more cool.

> * ZipOutputStream contains some proteted static final byte[]
>  "constants"
>  This means any subclass could modify them.  Findbugs suggests to
>  make the package private.  Ant couldn't do that because of backwards
>  incompatibility, but a sandbox component can.  Should we?

I guess we can, but I think we should wait after the first release. At
the moment I am copying Ant-codebase to here. If Ant is changing
forward I may have problems if we change such kind of stuff when
updating. Otherwise we will have development on the same code in two
projects and that may be diffcult.

> * ArchiveStreamFactory should do something when it fails to read
>  enough bytes for the signature, but what?
>  Given the original TODO comment, I stayed away from a decision.

I have not thought about that. At first glance I guess it should throw
an ArchiverException.

> * CpioArchiveEntry#setMode first performs some work to check the mode
>  just passed in, creates an IllegalArgumentException if it is unknown
>  and then forgets to throw it.
>  If I change the code to actually throw the exception,
>  testCpioUnarchive fails.  Obviously the code supports more modes
>  than it thinks.

The testcase is not the best I ever wrote. I can digg into this and
will improve all testcases. The CPIO stuff must be reviewed since it
came in from another project just before a while.


>  Remove the checks?

> Stefan
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