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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject [dbutils] bugfixing/java5 branches ready for merge
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:36:01 GMT

I've fixed a bunch of bugs in the bugfixing branch.  I think I've fixed 
all except bug DBUTILS-30/-28 (they're dupes).

I've also done a bunch of java5-izing (generics/varargs) in the java5 
branch, and merged in the bug fixes from the bugfixing branch.

The java5 branch is meant to be exactly like the bugfixing branch, except 
with generics and varargs.  The generics and varargs should be erased at 
compile time, so the runtime API should be indistinguishable from the 
runtime API of dbutils-1.2.

Review/comments welcome.

If I were a commons/dbutils committer right now, I think I'd probably do 
these things (all of which require committer karma):

1) Merge "bugfixing" back to trunk
2) Close out all of the bugs I fixed
3) Stage/vote on a dbutils-1.2 release based on bugfixing/trunk
4) Make a dbutils/1.x branch
5) Merge "java5" back to trunk
6) Stage/vote on a dbutils-2.0 release based on java5/trunk

... and then start working on crazy API refactorings like my interface 
bean idea and Liam's RowHolder suggestions, in preparation for a 3.0 
release or something.

However, I am not, in fact, a commons/dbutils committer, so somewhere in 
there it might be nice to have a vote about that. ;-)


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