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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject [dbutils] sandbox "java5" branch and "bugfixing" branch created
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 03:06:54 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:

> Let's create a branch in the sandbox and let Dan dive in. Effectively
> it's the git model, but slightly closer because he's already a
> committer. Once it's reached its release point, we can all be looking
> and debating whether it is DbUtils 2.0 or DbUtils2.
> [The first is a new release of the existing component, the second is,
> akin to how CLI2 should have been done, a new product]

I wound up creating two branches: a "java5" branch and a "bugfixing" 
branch.  The idea of the "bugfixing" branch is that it should be totally 
uncontroversial to roll into trunk and release as dbutils 1.2.

In revision 741990 I've checked in my initial round of Java 5 patching in 
in ... feel 
free to review.

For the record, my goal in the java5 branch is NOT to meaningfully modify 
the API.  In fact, I think my java5 changes have made no change to the 
runtime API at all; a jar compiled against DbUtils trunk should continue 
to work if you use a Java5 VM and swap in my java5 jar.

I think there should be no need to create a "DbUtils2" project for this; 
calling it "2.0" seems more appropriate.

I haven't checked anything into yet, 
but I will.

Thanks again!


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