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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject Re: [dbutils] bugfixing/java5 branches ready for merge
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 17:55:51 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:

> 742870 - ?? - Lacking Unit Tests, not liking the catch Exception.
> RuntimeException throwing needs String arg. Generally not trusting the
> Java API here to work beautifully and wanting to have covered a bunch
> of use cases.

Thanks for reviewing!

I tweaked exception handling and added unit tests in bugfixing branch 
revision 747449.  As I wrote the unit tests I manuallly looked at the 
exception stacktraces and verified that they provided useful error 
messages to the user.

I also merged those changes to java5 branch revision 747452.

> So apart from the one commit, I'm +1 on the changes on the bugfixes branch.

In that case, I think we're ready to contemplate executing the plan I'd 
identified earlier:

>> If I were a commons/dbutils committer right now, I think I'd probably do
>> these things (all of which require committer karma):
>> 1) Merge "bugfixing" back to trunk
>> 2) Close out all of the bugs I fixed
>> 3) Stage/vote on a dbutils-1.2 release based on bugfixing/trunk
>> 4) Make a dbutils/1.x branch
>> 5) Merge "java5" back to trunk
>> 6) Stage/vote on a dbutils-2.0 release based on java5/trunk

How do we want to begin work on this?  Henri, do you want to these steps? 
Alternately, I can do them myself if I get the karma to do so...?


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