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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [compress] Some merging in zip package
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:15:50 GMT
> I've merged ZipEntry into ZipArchiveEntry and ZipOutputStream into
> ZipArchiveOutputStream.  As a side effect ZipArchiveOutputStream now
> supports encoding of file names and the zip file comment (among other
> things that it does better than like
> providing usable Unix permissions for directory entries).


> ZipArchiveOutputStream will now use the platform's native encoding
> instead of UTF8 by default now, while JarArchiveOutputStream
> explicitly sets the encoding to UTF8.  Does anybody consider this a
> problem?

I assume that should be OK.

> Ant never had a ZipInputStream replacement, we only use ZipFile since
> the zip format is a lot easier to implement on top of
> RandomAccessFile.

Hm ... never thought this would be a problem for just reading.

>  I suggest we state somewhere in the docs (which
> docs?)


> that you should use ZipFile if you intend to read a zip archive
> with non-UTF8 encoding of filenames.

Why is that?

> I'll look into merging the Tar streams as well next.



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