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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] RealMatrixImpl, DenseRealMatrix and MatrixUtils factory methods
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2009 23:33:25 GMT
Luc Maisonobe wrote:
> Phil Steitz a écrit :
>> I noticed a breakage in one of my apps that uses
>> MatrixUtils#createRealMatrix(double[][], boolean).  This method seems to
>> have been removed.  I guess this is because DenseRealMatrix can't
>> support this.  I understand the value of DenseRealMatrix, but I still
>> see value in the double[][]-backed RealMatrixImpl.  Any objections if I
>> restore the method above, change the other factories to return
>> RealMatrixImpl instances as before and add createDenseMatrix()
>> methods?   I would also be OK with deprecating the createRealMatrix()
>> methods and adding CreateXx methods for both versions.
> I don't feel comfortable with this approach. The boolean parameter was
> merely an optimization feature avoiding a copy. However, it implicitely
> relied on one implementation only (RealMatrixImpl) and exposed an
> internal array. As far as I understood, the factory methods in
> MatrixUtils were used to hide the implementation. If they become
> implementation-specific, I don't see the added value for factory methods
> versus class constructors.
The problem is we now have multiple implementations so 
createRealMatrix(..) may not make sense anymore.  That is what I meant 
by moving to createXx, etc.  I guess on second thought I think we should 
leave as is (in trunk) and deprecate the create methods.
> Nevertheless, my concerns are minor ones. Feel free to bring these
> methods back if you consider there is a need for them.
> In the same spirit, I am currently testing another block layout using
> blocks size in a range rather than fixed size and recursive layout. This
> is roughly an implementation based on Chatterjee, Lebeck, Praveen and
> Thottethodi paper "Recursive Array Layouts and Fast Matrix
> Multiplication" (
> If the performances are good, I will use this layout for DenseRealMatrix.

> Luc
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