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From Ken Tanaka <>
Subject [pipeline] documentation patch submitted
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 18:41:51 GMT
I submitted a small documentation fix for the pipeline_basics tutorial. 
After uploading the initial documentation, I noticed that some of the 
code examples had extra line feeds, mainly the xml configuration samples 
that use color also use boldface to emphasize some of the keywords. At 
least on my browser (Firefox 3.0.5 on Linux), there is an unwanted line 
break at the end of bold as if a "<br />" followed the "</b>". This only 
affects the preformatted text (between <pre>..</pre> tags).

Look for the "configSimplePipeline.xml" code on the page

I found that using '<span style="font-weight:bold;">text</span>'  in 
place of '<b>text</b>' solved this problem for me. Does anyone recommend 
a better solution? The patch I submitted uses this <span> in place of 
<b> in the preformatted examples.

This is issue SANDBOX-278


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