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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: [DAEMON] Need to get some patches committed
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 03:48:49 GMT

"Mark Thomas" <> wrote in message
> Bill Barker wrote:
>> "Mark Thomas" <> wrote in message
>>> Folks,
>>> I have been working through some Tomcat bug reports and there are a 
>>> number
>>> of
>>> commons-daemon issues - eg [1] - that are also in JIRA [2]. I'd very 
>>> much
>>> like
>>> to see these issues get fixed. It appears I am not the only one in this
>>> position
>>> [3].
>> Yeah, I don't have access to a MAC, so have been reluctant to commit
>> MAC-specific changes.
> Completely understandable. I have a Mac and I can re-create the issue. I 
> was
> planning to take a more detailed look this weekend.
>  As a non-PMC committer to commons, Mark has my
>> (non-binding) +1 to becoming a commons commiter.
>>> A review of the mail archives suggests daemon has been rather quiet 
>>> lately
>>> with
>>> little to no commit activity.
>> It's mostly a very mature project. Now that the holidays are over, I was
>> planning on reviewing daemon issues over the weekend.  But still won't
>> commit patches for platforms I can't test on.

I've done a blind commit of the patches for DAEMON-98. I think it fixes Mac 
10.4, but don't know about 10.5 (or even 10.4 for that matter, since I don't 
have access to a Mac).

> Great. Let me know if there are any others you can't test. If I don't have 
> a
> vmware image for the OS then I'll almost certainly have access to a 
> machine
> through work.

Not all that interested in the Windows version (aka procrun), at least until 
it becomes an issue for my day job ;)

I could apply patches to DAEMON-91 (if available).  Don't have access to 
freebsd, so DAEMON-94 needs a patch before I can do anything.  I might take 
on DAEMON-94 for the Sun JVM only, but I don't like JVM specific patches in 

> Mark 

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