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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject [compress] First version of ChangeSet design
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 07:20:33 GMT

i made a patch of a first idea of the ChangeSet design which has been
proposed by Torsten.

The testcase fails with the ArOutputStream. Problem here is located in
the Ar-Implementation. Torsten,
would be quite cool if you can check this out, I didn't see why this
is happening. Basically it's telling me that
the offset and the previous entry lenght doesn match (1 byte
difference). I guessed its simliar to the ArInputStream Bug a fixed
earlier today, but it isn't. You may see it quickly since you wrote it
all :-)

However, I'll gladly accept your review comments on the ChangeSet. I
tried to keep it as easy as possible, since I don't think there will
be a lots of new addtions here in the future.

After the ChangeSet is finished, I will improved the testcases and the
javadoc. That should do for a first version, does it?


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