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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Re: Commons Command proposal
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 15:26:49 GMT
We are ready to pop it in the sandbox. I'll act as moderator for Erics  

I can't find anything about limitations on sandbox projects, are there  
any? Compare with Apache Labs that does not allow releases.

I'm cc:ing Apache Legal.

Regarding paper work, we can get a software grant faxed over in no  
time. We are the original authors of all this code. Do we both need to  
send a grant? The original idea for this library came up working for  
TomTom. They have given us their permission to rewrite the project  
from scratch, and this we did. Is it nessecary for TomTom to send a  
grant too releasing some sort of IP? I really don't think there is an  
IP issue here at all, but I am not a laywer.


27 jan 2009 kl. 19.30 skrev Rahul Akolkar:

> I moderated this through, so folks will need be to CC'ed when
> necessary (such as I've done here).
> Three comments:
> 1) Unless there is anything of private nature here, we discuss
> proposals on the publicly archived dev list. So, if and when you feel
> like it, it'd be good to move this to the dev list.
> 2) If there is interest, new libraries can use the Commons Sandbox for
> development. However, it is only open to existing ASF committers.
> 3) If there is existing code, necessary policy procedures (for
> example, running a software grant through the Apache Incubator) will
> need to be executed.
> -Rahul
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Karl Wettin <>  
> wrote:
>> PMCs,
>> cqueue is an Open Source, Apache-Licensed Java library for scheduling
>> commands against one or more thread pools.
>> Eric Bowman and I created a similar library while working for  
>> TomTom. We are
>> gratefull they let us develop this idea further and it would be our  
>> pleasure
>> to see this library as a part of the ASF commons family.
>> cqueue is java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService on steroids: it's an  
>> easy way
>> to build a thread pool or pools that take commands from persistent  
>> storage,
>> and very carefully control the lifetime of those commands. We built  
>> cqueue
>> to help manipulate some pretty big pools of data, where we needed  
>> to be able
>> to stop and restart a data processing pipeline without losing any  
>> data. We
>> also needed to take full advantage of all available CPU cores.
>> cqueue-bdb is a persistency facade that use BerkeleyDB for storage.
>> It is a fully functional library ready for a release candidate, but  
>> as all
>> projects it needs a bit of improvement.
>> This code has never been in the wild so I believe it does not need  
>> release
>> papers in order to be committed.
>>      karl

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