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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r735449 [1/3] - in /commons/proper/math/trunk: ./ src/java/org/apache/commons/math/analysis/ src/java/org/apache/commons/math/analysis/integration/ src/java/org/apache/commons/math/analysis/interpolation/ src/java/org/apache/commons/math/an...
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2009 20:26:14 GMT
Phil Steitz a écrit :
> Luc Maisonobe wrote:
>> Phil Steitz a écrit :
>>> I can' t tell exactly what went wrong from the diff, but somehow the
>>> solvers lost their history.  All others look good.
>> That's weird. I did exactly the same thing for this sub-package as for
>> the other ones: a copy using Eclipse and the subclipse plugin.
>> I have tried to recover the history both from eclipse/subclipse and from
>> the command line. I copied the files elsewhere using Linux commands,
>> then performed a "svn remove" followed by a "svn copy
>> https://..../analysis/" but failed.
>> I am a little reluctant to try the svn copy directly on the server. This
>> would mean something along these lines:
>>   svn copy https://..../analysis/ \
>>            https://..../analysis/solvers/
>>   svn update
>>   edit the files manually to reset the files content as they are now
>>   svn commit
>> Do you want me to try this ?
> I always use the command line (never use IDE thingies) and never do work
> directly on the server.  I have never had a problem doing svn move
> locally followed by a commit.  I am not sure what the best way around
> the current problem is.  Maybe some other svn experts can chime in.
> There is probably a way to get the old classes back into your local copy
> somehow and repeat the move locally.   Certainly the ones that are
> unchanged from the 1.1 release can just be copied from a checkout of the
> tag.  Maybe the same would work using a co of a named revision?  I am
> sorry not to have an answer here.   I will do some experimenting locally
> and see if I can find a way to fix this.

I think everything has been recovered now in r735530.


> Phil
>> Luc
>>> Phil
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