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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release commons-exec-1.0.0 based on RC3
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 21:15:23 GMT
Siegfried Goeschl a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> the following changes were made regarding the feedback from the previous
> vote
> 1) using "org.apache.commons"/"commons-exec" as groupId/artifactId
> 2) using SVN tag "EXEC_1_0_0" instead of "EXEC_1_0_0_RC3" (Rahul Alkolkar)
> 3) fixed folder name in the source distribution (Oliver Heger, Jörg
> Schaible)
> 4) fixed STATUS regarding deprecation of System.getEnv (Jörg Schaible)
> 5) added a section to FAQ regarding setting the executable bits for the
> test scripts (Jörg Schaible)
> 6) removed the "*.asc.md5" and "*.asc.sha1" from the uploaded files
> (Sebastian Bazley)
> 7) removed JUnit XML output formatter to pass the regression tests on
> JDK 1.3 (Sebastian Bazley)
> 8) added my PGP keys to SVN and
> (Sebastian Bazley)
> So it is time to call a vote on commons-exec-1.0.0 again ...

I've run findbugs, it shows the following issues:

DefaultExecutor (line 203)
  setExitValues(int[]) may expose internal representation by storing an
  externally mutable object into DefaultExecutor.exitValues 	

DefaultProcessingEnvironment (lines 169 and 171)
  Hard coded reference to an absolute pathname

DefaultProcessingEnvironment (line 108) and
OpenVmsProcessingEnvironment (line 89)
  concatenates strings using + in a loop

OpenVmsProcessingEnvironment (line 114) and
MapUtils (line 72)
  inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator 	

The first issue should probably be fixed by cloning the array, but does
not appear to be an important problem. The second issue is a false
positive (if findbugs were activated by default in the pom, this could
be prevented by a configured exclusion file). The remaining issues are

The Javadoc for the OS class still refers to ant, this should be
replaced by a more generic name like "the application". The javadoc is
missing for many methods in the Executor interface, even some non
obvious ones like setExitValues (who should call it ? what do the
various entries of the array mean ?). This interface seems to be a
central point of the component and will be the first one read by users,
so it should be thoroughly documented.

In summary, to me the findbugs issues are not blocking elements, but the
javadoc for the Executor interface bothers me. I'm -0 on this release.


> Tag:
> Site:
> Binaries:
> [ ] +1 release it
> [ ] +0 go ahead I don't care
> [ ] -1 no, do not release it because
> Let the fun begin ...
> Siegfried Goeschl
> PS: The test distribution is not part of the release but handy for
> platform testing -
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