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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] new incremental statistics project in C#
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2009 19:48:45 GMT
Bradford Cross wrote:
> The list might recall when I was working on so-called rolling statistics
> last year.  I needed to use C# so I had to port what I needed from
> commons-math and extend for the rolling cases, and put it together with a
> pre-existing library.
> You might be interested in the project.  Please check it out and give me
> comments.
> Some of the moment and rank stats are close to a direct port of the java
> code and comments in commons-math.  I currently have the project under MIT
> license, is that OK?  Do I need to do anything extra or differently to be in
> accordance with all the licensing rules and so forth since some of the code
> is close to a direct port?

Sorry for the slow response.  I don't know C# well enough to comment, 
but regarding the licensing, the ASL license allows you to do pretty 
much whatever you want with the code, including creating derivative 
works and licensing these works under a different license, so there is 
no problem with what you are doing.   See
or the license itself here:

Per the license, you should include a NOTICE with your distribution as 
described in section 4. 

> Best!
> Brad

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