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From sebb <>
Subject [SCXML] J6 deprecations
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 20:21:26 GMT
Looks like the main remaining item with the J6 branch is the removal
of deprecated code.

In the case of SCXMLSemanticsImpl it looks like the two lines of code
can just be removed as the comment says (the test still passes if I do

I'm not sure about the changes needed to SCXMLSerializer - can one
just assume p = null at line 170?
- i.e. remove the call to getParallel() and the first part of the if statement?

If so, then the deprecated methods getParallel() and isOrthogonal()
can be removed from the State class.

The remaining deprecations look a bit trickier.

Transition.getTarget() is called by SCXMLSerializer.serializeTarget(),
both of which are deprecated, but the latter is called by
SCXMLSerializer.serializeTransition() which is not.

serializeTarget() is called during testing by
however it does nothing as getTarget() returns null.

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