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From "Mark Thomas" <>
Subject [DBCP] Moving towards a 1.3 release
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 13:10:30 GMT

DBCP seems to have been fairly quiet for a while. In recent days I have hit
/ seen others hit various issues including:
- DBCP doesn't build on a 1.6 JVM
- Tomcat 5/6 can't build on a 1.6 JVM because it depends on building DBCP
- Tomcat trunk (the basis for 7) requires building on a 1.6 JVM
- One of the major reasons Gump builds on a 1.5 JVM is DBCP

Putting to one side that the root cause is incompatible changes in the JDK
(grr) there is a patch in Jira (DBCP-191) to address this issue.

I'd like to at least get these changes into svn with the intention of moving
towards a DBCP (1.3?) release.

Any objections or anything I need to be aware of before I start work? 


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